10 first rules of my life

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First of all, I guess that one thing that I have to put in my mind while I’m doing this, is also what I know that I don’t want to loose and what I want to keep having in my life.

Well, these are the 10 important rules:

1. I always want to do my things with a good reason, I don’t wanna loose my good spirit and I also don’t wanna loose my good heart. And I have to have a good reason for everything that I do in my life because even if I did the wrong act, I wouldn’t be so sorry, because in some instant of my life I thought that I was doing the right/good thing and so, I should remember my convictions and try to not be so sad. This could be also always “think more before do something”.

2. I always want to do the things in my life as better as I can, remembering my wishes, and I also always want to have wishes to push me.

3. I don’t want never stop dreaming. This is the thing that makes me realize true self in that moment, since I was a little child.

4. Do everything in my life thinking in my happiness. Do the things that I love, be with the people that I love, be in beautiful places and all those things…!

5. Be even more stronger, but I don’t loose my sweet and simple way that exist in myself, to see the things, to threat the people, to love easily, to be careful, to be the kind and gentle person, to be lovely and lovable, to be the better person that I want to be everyday with my integrity.

6. Look back to my past self and think about her past wishes, dreams, thoughts – And then be satisfied and happy about my achievements.
Look to the little happy girl and make her self proud, first of all.

7. Always make the difference for someone, make someone smile, make someone happier, give attention and help.

8. “You’re never too old to grow younger.” Grow without loosing my little girl inside my heart.

9. Expect the things but doing everything that I can to make it work, be ready and them the great chances will be there.

“I will study and get ready, and maybe the chances will come.”
Abraham Lincoln

10. Never stop learning, learn with my mistakes and try to not do this mistake again. To be aware of my faults and work to correct them. And also discover new talents in myself, always more!