Listing things that I wish to accomplish 'til I die

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Not in order, but… I might organize and write more about each one someday:
10. Make people proud of me, my parents, boyfriend and so on…
11. Be fluent in many languages [portuguese, english, german, spanish, french, chinese, korean? :P, (...)];
12. Visit many many many places around the world, have an amazing travels;
13. To be able to speak German with German people in Germany;
14. See the aurora borealis;
15. See the cirque du soleil;
16. Travel travel travel some more;
17. Give my mom a vacation, all payed for by me, spa
18. Do what I love, what I want, Have a career that I love conclude my achievements;
19. Have the people that I love by my side being the most important thing in my life, and also the nicest people whom love me around;
20. Have time to work, to my friends and family, to my love;
21. Play piano ‘til i die;
22. Learn Harp;
23. Write a books;
24. Read all Agatha Christie’s;
25. Have an amazing wonderful library, in my own house;
26. Have a place to observe the stars and study astronomy;
27. Eat healthier;
28. Think before talking more often;
29. Be in contact with nature;
30. Camping and waterfalls;
31. Do my job with passion;
32. Go to poor and rich places in the world;
33. Not feel guilty about the things that i can’t change at the moment;
34. Always have enough money to live comfortably;
35. Be a person who has culture and interesting things to share;
36. Teach piano for my (future – future away – possible or not, who knows) son;
37. Watch the miracle of life, the most beautiful things as birth, the babies growing, walking, speaking, becoming grown up people :P ;
38. Learn, always learn with the life;
39. Thank, always thank for everything, the things that I have the pleasure to have, the opportunities, the experiences, and also the things that are even bad, that I have in my life and makes me learn and grow;
40. Have a nice car ;)
41. Be able to have a beautiful house, with a lovely dog (and cat? /psnccc), with a wonderful garden, a place that I can call with all proud as “home”, at least ‘til I’ll be retire;
42. “Don’t to marry a man like my father” Mommy saying, hahaha
43. See my dad’s self improvement until I die, don’t loose my faith;
44. Never forget the nice things that I’ve ever had even though the bad ones were comming;
45. See Joss Stone (in the beach? like don’t cha wanna ride? :P), Madonna, The Cardigans, Hilary Duff performing in a show alive, sing loud, dance… – and impossible be happier than this! ;D ;
46. Believe that even in bad times, good things will come, don’t loose my hope;
47. Have someone to always take care of me, to be worried, to love me, to wish my best and be my best company – But okay, someone besides my mom :P
48. Have someone to wait in the night after the work, someone who also waits me, who makes me a dinner and vice versa (a little bit of Homemaid Aspiration in my life, also! haha – Wow! Learn to cook nice and tasty things!) and then spend a beautiful lovely peaceful night with me…
Or in another time, take me to a wonderful place, make me a surprise, and all those things…
49. Actually, I don’t really really wish – Because that’s a thing that I don’t have the truly aspiration and also is a thing that don’t depends only of me – but if I wish, I want a wedding really amazing, peculiar, exceptional, not ordinary (wow! without “bridal chorus” :S), beautiful, spreading love and happiness, and the most important, I want to “watch” (not even see :P) my man’s face and see a lot of love there while I beautifully walk,in a beautiful dress, shinning the best, to come by his side – (forever and ever? ahaha)
50. Have a good 50th birthday and look to my past and be very very glad. That’s it, now I can die ;D
But I can’t die alone or without a thing, that’s the deal.

Ame Bonito

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Há uma tendência de combrar; exigir; rotinizar; descuidar; reclamar; deixar de compreender; necessitar mais do que é oferecido; precisar mais do que atender; encher-se de razões. Sim, razões. Ter razão é o maior perigo no amor. Quem tem razão se sente no direito (e o tem) de reivindicar, de exigir justiça, eqüidade, equiparação, sem atinar que o que está sem razão talvez passe por um momento de sua vida no qual não possa ter razão. Nem queira. Amar bonito é saber a hora de ter razão.

Ponha a mão na consciência. Você tem certeza que está fazendo o seu amor bonito? De que está tirando do gesto, da ação, da reação, do olhar, da saudade, da alegria do encontro, da dor do desencontro, a maior beleza possível? Cheio ou cheia de razões, você espera do amor apenas aquilo que é exigido por suas partes necessitadas quase talvez dele devesse pouco esperar, para valorizar melhor tudo de bom que de vez em quando ele pode trazer. Quem espera mais do que isso sofre e, sofrendo, deixa de amar bonito. Sofrendo, deixa de ser alegre, igual, irmão, criança. E sem soltar a criança, nenhum amor é bonito.

Não tema o romantismo (...)

Seja apenas você no auge da sua emoção e carência, exatamente aquele você que a vida impede de ser. Seja você cantando desafinado, mas todas as manhãs. Gaguejando flores. Sentindo o coração bater. Sem medo de dizer eu quero, eu gosto, eu estou com vonta

Não teorize o amor, apenas ame.

Siga o destino dos sentimentos aqui e agora.

Não tenha medo exatamente de tudo que você teme em um relacionamento (...)

Se o amor existe, seu conteúdo já é manifesto. Não se preocupe com ele e suas definições. Cuide da forma. Cuide da voz. Cuide da fala. Cuide do cuidado. Cuido do carinho. Cuide de você. Ame-se o suficiente para ser capaz de gostar do amor e, só assim, poder fazer o outro feliz."

How much money I (should) need to my plans for the future?

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When I start to win my own money, I wanna be organized.
As long that I work, I want to have money enough to be independent, to pay my bills, to use a part of it to make me happier – go to nice places and restaurants, to do little trips, to buy necessary nice and cute things – and another part, really save. Save a little part every month.

1. travel! work and save to travel! A really nice interesting travel at least once time a year, at the begging.
2. savings for a time that I might need it – necessities – and for more expensive things, like if I want to buy a new car, or if I want to made others achievements (like have a beautiful lovely house)
3. savings for the time that I will be retire, because my retiring time will be a very peaceful part of my life, I want to be glad about what I have done and I want to have no worries to do even more nice things – specially the ones that I couldn’t do while I was in my “active” life.

Hmmm… If I won more money than that I plan to spend, wow!
You can trust me that I will be a good person and I’ll “share”, really, I wanna give a nice time to my mom, like travels and her plans as “go to spas” and all those things :P

Also I wanna help another people, do “charity” – not money at all, but attention, love… – Actually, I don’t know how to explain, but I want to do very effective things, not fake ones, because is even worse see someone doing charity just because thinks that is beautiful or pretending to do good things while doesn’t care about it, isn’t useful.

I truly wanna give my best to change what I can, at least my part in the world. And makes me feel bad when I think that I want won (almost a lot of) money to conclude my self achievements while there are so many people without a thing…