How much money I (should) need to my plans for the future?

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When I start to win my own money, I wanna be organized.
As long that I work, I want to have money enough to be independent, to pay my bills, to use a part of it to make me happier – go to nice places and restaurants, to do little trips, to buy necessary nice and cute things – and another part, really save. Save a little part every month.

1. travel! work and save to travel! A really nice interesting travel at least once time a year, at the begging.
2. savings for a time that I might need it – necessities – and for more expensive things, like if I want to buy a new car, or if I want to made others achievements (like have a beautiful lovely house)
3. savings for the time that I will be retire, because my retiring time will be a very peaceful part of my life, I want to be glad about what I have done and I want to have no worries to do even more nice things – specially the ones that I couldn’t do while I was in my “active” life.

Hmmm… If I won more money than that I plan to spend, wow!
You can trust me that I will be a good person and I’ll “share”, really, I wanna give a nice time to my mom, like travels and her plans as “go to spas” and all those things :P

Also I wanna help another people, do “charity” – not money at all, but attention, love… – Actually, I don’t know how to explain, but I want to do very effective things, not fake ones, because is even worse see someone doing charity just because thinks that is beautiful or pretending to do good things while doesn’t care about it, isn’t useful.

I truly wanna give my best to change what I can, at least my part in the world. And makes me feel bad when I think that I want won (almost a lot of) money to conclude my self achievements while there are so many people without a thing…