Listing things that I wish to accomplish 'til I die

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Not in order, but… I might organize and write more about each one someday:
10. Make people proud of me, my parents, boyfriend and so on…
11. Be fluent in many languages [portuguese, english, german, spanish, french, chinese, korean? :P, (...)];
12. Visit many many many places around the world, have an amazing travels;
13. To be able to speak German with German people in Germany;
14. See the aurora borealis;
15. See the cirque du soleil;
16. Travel travel travel some more;
17. Give my mom a vacation, all payed for by me, spa
18. Do what I love, what I want, Have a career that I love conclude my achievements;
19. Have the people that I love by my side being the most important thing in my life, and also the nicest people whom love me around;
20. Have time to work, to my friends and family, to my love;
21. Play piano ‘til i die;
22. Learn Harp;
23. Write a books;
24. Read all Agatha Christie’s;
25. Have an amazing wonderful library, in my own house;
26. Have a place to observe the stars and study astronomy;
27. Eat healthier;
28. Think before talking more often;
29. Be in contact with nature;
30. Camping and waterfalls;
31. Do my job with passion;
32. Go to poor and rich places in the world;
33. Not feel guilty about the things that i can’t change at the moment;
34. Always have enough money to live comfortably;
35. Be a person who has culture and interesting things to share;
36. Teach piano for my (future – future away – possible or not, who knows) son;
37. Watch the miracle of life, the most beautiful things as birth, the babies growing, walking, speaking, becoming grown up people :P ;
38. Learn, always learn with the life;
39. Thank, always thank for everything, the things that I have the pleasure to have, the opportunities, the experiences, and also the things that are even bad, that I have in my life and makes me learn and grow;
40. Have a nice car ;)
41. Be able to have a beautiful house, with a lovely dog (and cat? /psnccc), with a wonderful garden, a place that I can call with all proud as “home”, at least ‘til I’ll be retire;
42. “Don’t to marry a man like my father” Mommy saying, hahaha
43. See my dad’s self improvement until I die, don’t loose my faith;
44. Never forget the nice things that I’ve ever had even though the bad ones were comming;
45. See Joss Stone (in the beach? like don’t cha wanna ride? :P), Madonna, The Cardigans, Hilary Duff performing in a show alive, sing loud, dance… – and impossible be happier than this! ;D ;
46. Believe that even in bad times, good things will come, don’t loose my hope;
47. Have someone to always take care of me, to be worried, to love me, to wish my best and be my best company – But okay, someone besides my mom :P
48. Have someone to wait in the night after the work, someone who also waits me, who makes me a dinner and vice versa (a little bit of Homemaid Aspiration in my life, also! haha – Wow! Learn to cook nice and tasty things!) and then spend a beautiful lovely peaceful night with me…
Or in another time, take me to a wonderful place, make me a surprise, and all those things…
49. Actually, I don’t really really wish – Because that’s a thing that I don’t have the truly aspiration and also is a thing that don’t depends only of me – but if I wish, I want a wedding really amazing, peculiar, exceptional, not ordinary (wow! without “bridal chorus” :S), beautiful, spreading love and happiness, and the most important, I want to “watch” (not even see :P) my man’s face and see a lot of love there while I beautifully walk,in a beautiful dress, shinning the best, to come by his side – (forever and ever? ahaha)
50. Have a good 50th birthday and look to my past and be very very glad. That’s it, now I can die ;D
But I can’t die alone or without a thing, that’s the deal.