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It’s difficult: trying to decide and to have targets in life, while we tend to worry about the “if’s” that do not exactly depend on ourselves. Actually, we can do our best to get what we want, but… We can’t be sure about everything.

It’s not easy to think that everything is okay and under control. How could we know? We have to trust. It's also not easy to be trustful and conscious that you can become disappointed or frustrated.

Fear is a bad feeling. And sometimes planning is just a thing that we do to comfort and conform ourselves – and that may be not the right thing to do, because if we can’t be sure, how we would want to plan? Supposing things will happen as we want? The world is not always like that, and we have to learn it.

I’m trying to learn. Not worrying about tomorrow or the future is hard. Although my interior self tells me that I need to do a lot of things and organize them, I’m trying to be as happy as I can every single minute of my life, doing what I want and what I love. Thus, find happiness in the world, in the people that I love, and in myself.

Also, we have to do what we need to – which, sometimes, is not so nice – and withstand the people, situations and places that we don’t like, but… I think that I’m doing it to reach a bigger wish. I think that I’m doing what I can to be on my route to a nice future. And my present gives me the security that tomorrow can be a good day.

Wishes, dreams, love, happiness are the things that make me feel better and alive, to live another day, and so on. At least I think so.

The mystery of life is that things might not be easy and simple as they should. Because, we make those things to become complicated and complex, and we always want more and more – which, sometimes, makes people confuse about getting satisfaction.

People can be lost and don’t realize that the most important thing is self-improvement.

Anyhow, life would be boring if it wasn’t like that. The really hard point is finding a way to disconnect negative thoughts, which make people worrisome and afar from happiness.

Live as better as you can. Focusing and always trying to see the bright side.