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It's interesting to see how easier it is to Brazilian people learn Spanish, this has a bad side, thou, you can easily mix the two languages and sometimes it's hard to scape from false cognates, meaning that you can end up speaking “portunhol”.

About my process of learning:
I'm taking a course in ‘instrumental Spanish’ where I see a few of the important bits of the language, it is not like a traditional course – and I think that I don't need to do that, as my teacher said.

The point is that the class needs to practice reading and oral, and, also, learn some grammar. I'm working hard ;)

Oh! I'm currently subscribed to the Coffee Break Spanish podcast, which is very well-made and constructive, especially to people whose mother tongue is English and is trying to learn Spanish. For me, it is nice to hear and practice, but it seems a little awkward because is too basic for the ones who are more familiar with the Spanish language.

It's quite weird when you realize how similar and different, at the same time, Spanish is from Portuguese. One of the most funny things is trying to pronounce correctly, “falando para dentro”, speaking not to the outside but to the inside of your own mouth.

And to acquire fluency, I plan to travel around Latin America, that's the most nice and simple way to learn. ;))