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I'm learning French in Alliance française, a school that has quality to teach, where I hope to learn. I guess that it is a course worth doing because we have great classes, when we work constructively -even in basic level- grammar, reading, writing and, with special attention, oral practice.

Meanwhile, between the stages (levels), I will do tests that should recognize my improvement in the french language, the DALF/DELF ones.

My deadline to be well learned is 4 years, when I should be in advanced level and should be able to do an important exam.

Well, French is not that cool as German, but… it is much easier :P

At least, it is not so hard… Although, for me, it is not of an automatic comprehension. I need to stop, think, and then… I understand ;PP

And it also remembers me a little bit of Spanish, another Latin language… Anyways! I'm very satisfied ;)