A leveza do ser

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As pessoas são tão felizes quanto elas decidem mentalmente ser.

Abraham Lincoln
Por mais inconstante que isso possa ser...

Ainda sim, acredito que em qualquer momento o caminho que nos leva a leveza do ser são nossas paixões, e é nos conscientizando sobre a importância destas que percebemos quanto valor isso tem:

Knowledge and Passion

Whatever moralists may hold, the human understanding is greatly indebted to the passions, which, it is universally allowed, are also much indebted to the understanding. It is by the activity of the passions that our reason is improved; for we desire knowledge only because we wish to enjoy; and it is impossible to conceive any reason why a person who has neither fears nor desires should give himself the trouble of reasoning. The passions, again, originate in our wants, and their progress depends on that of our knowledge.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, in 'Discourse on the Origin of Inequality'