With You Again

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"Seems like it’s been forever in a way,
But I can still feel you so close, as if it were today,
The warmth of your hands, cradling my face,
And the feeling like I never want to leave this place.

You can’t see me baby, but I’m with you tonight
And even though it’s your arms around you, I’m holding you tight.
I love you, and everything’s gonna work out right,
Because I’m with you tonight.

I can almost feel the beating of your heart,
As I lay with eyes wide open in the dark,
It’s funny how love can take me to where you are,
Even thought we may be miles and miles apart.

And when your days feel long, and it seems like nobody cares
Just remember morning, noon, and night you’re always in my prayers
And where you are my heart is there,
And where you are my heart is there."

You'll never walk alone: