The Piano

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Pure beauty it is
Grand, magnanimous
The Piano
Your focus it demands
As silently it stands
In deep shadow
Its draws you to its side
Teases you to gentle glide
Light on its keys
Fingertips and ivory meet
Sending a soft note echoing sweet
Play on, it pleas
You search for a familiar place
An invisible route your fingers trace
Then with perfect key, perfect pace
The music flows
But there’s something of this setting
Interesting feelings that your getting
Memories, the music is amplifying
A mental retriever
As if this piano is giving to you
The times you shared, the things you knew
With family, friends, and loved ones true
With each note, you remember
(...) You wish they’d last forever
(...) The piano keeps playing, the memories won’t end
Your life is for living, so every chance spend
To enjoy … touch, taste, smell, or make a new friend
Life, make it worth.
I wish you happiness till it’s done.