Not only 43 things in a list

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It has been a long time trying to accomplish this goal and now I realize that I can't make a specific list with the whole world of things that I'm eager to know and to discover everyday. By the time I added this goal to my list, I should have been more disciplined to note the most interesting things I have discovered since then. Maybe someday I'll do that. But today I know that I learn something new everyday, by reading, by having experiences and by becoming aware of the things that you can absorb in your daily life to get to know more about them. I think that is the most important part of participating in this topic, because I'm curious enough to gather information and learn about it, even without a list to follow.

ps. Oh! And also I found a very interesting site about these little curious things that we want to know more about:, and for example, I searched more about the subject and wrote a text:

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