Well-being x Scrimp and Save

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I don't follow this tips, haha, not at all, but I think they are funny and ironic with stingy people.

Scrimp and save is to try to save money by spending less on the things you need and by saving what you can, especially when you do not earn very much. However, I think that we shouldn't be miser. We should spend money on our well-being and happiness first of all - but consciously, not a spendthrift. I guess that everyone has a different conception about what are their respective needs of well-being, but I would say that we should follow the guide of our quality of life.

I always consider whether or not the product is cost-effective, as well its quality/price. If the product is worth the price, I have no problem in pay for it. I should have a great reason to buy it.
Even so, every big expenses hurt me, maybe because I don't have enough money to luxuries.

All things considered, nowadays I'm not saving money - but I guess that by the time I start to win money I will budget my expenses - and then I can save up. In such case, to achieve my goal, I might scrimp and save, but not forgetting about my well-being too.

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