Music and Perfect Harmony

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- Sire, I swear to Your Majesty,
there's nothing like that in the piece.
I've taken out everything that could give offense.
I hate politics.

- I'm afraid you're rather innocent, my friend.

- In these dangerous times I cannot afford
to provoke our nobles or our people, simply over a theater piece.

- Majesty, this is just a frolic.
Is a piece about love.

- "Love". Again.

- And it's new.

- It's entirely new.
So new, the people will go mad for it.

- I have scenes...

- The end of the second act, for example.
It starts out as a simple duet.
Just a husband and a wife quarreling.
Suddenly, the wife scheming little maid comes in.
It's a very funny situation.
Duet turns into trio.
Then the husband's valet comes in.
He`s plotting with the maid.
Trio turns into quartet.
Then a stupid old gardener comes in.
Quartet becomes quintet.
And so on, on and on.
Sextet, septet, octet.
How long do you think I can sustain that, Majesty?
- I have no idea.

- Guess.
Guess, Your Majesty.
Imagine the longest time such a thing could be sustained,
and then double it.

- Well...
seven minutes?
Eight minutes?

- Twenty, sire. Twenty minutes.

- Twenty minutes of continuous music.
No recitatives.

- Sire, only opera can do this.
In a play, if more than one person
speaks at the same time it´s...
just noise,
no one can`t understand a word.
But with opera, with music...
with music, you can have 20 individuals,
all talking at the same time.

And it's not noise.
It's a perfect harmony.

From Amadeus