Diplomacy, faith and trust - Introduction

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How should be the diplomacy’s brief with rogue regimes and how to tackle the awkward situations towards stability and peace.

Diplomacy faces many hassles with rogue regimes and inconvenient cases such as the political instability and the nuclear threat in the world. Nowadays, the shakiness of the Middle East and the unstableness of North Korea concern the states, specially the revised perspective of America’s diplomacy, in how to grapple with those vexed problems and find the best approach to solve compound issues as nuclear proliferation for stability and peace in the world.

This situation is highly discussed in the United Nations Security Council, due to its important role to state the nuclear disarmament, preventing the spread and use of nuclear weapons. The United States of America wants to see this global challenge addressed at a multinational level and already sealed an agreement (Arms Treaty) with Russia to reduce their arsenals since the Cold War.

A nuclear-free world may never come about, but there can be safety in trying. In an effort to achieve that, it is necessary to bolster confidence in the diplomatic relations in view of the world's welfare, seeking a commitment in favor of peace and security - even though this goal might not be reached quickly. Yet it will certainly take patience and persistence in a path that has to ignore the voice of the ones who claim the world cannot change.