Do not let the world take away...

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Espero que nunca deixemos de conservar essências elementares para a alegria de viver: A afabilidade, a suavidade, a simplicidade e a esperança.
E receio que o mundo seja capaz de gradualmente dissolver isso nas pessoas, em prol de um pragmatismo seco.
When I was young
It seemed that life was so wonderful
A miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical
And all the birds in the trees
Well they'd be singing so happily
Oh joyfully, oh playfully watching me
But then they sent me away
To teach me how to be sensible
Logical, oh responsible, practical
And they showed me a world
Where I could be so dependable
Oh clinical, oh intellectual, cynical

Now watch what you say
Or they'll be calling you a radical
A liberal, oh fanatical, criminal
Oh won't you sign up your name
We'd like to feel you're
Acceptable, respectable, oh presentable,
a vegetable...