O esforço da inteligência

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what's work without a plan? what's a plan without work?
Everyone must have a grip on reality for it to work for them. To make a living, you must make reality work for you no matter what, consistency and persistence is the key, and the smart effort I just mentioned in the whole article is a law. Reality comes down to our thinking, acting and generating, no matter what. Only weak people shun consistency and persistence, but strong people work the work and walk the talk¹. Good human feeling combined with smart human effort and achievement is the reality of the situation. Take or leave, it is what it is.
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Intelligence is malleable and can be developed through education and hard work.
What happens to your brain, again, when it gets to think about something hard?

It gets bigger, like a muscle.
É bom lembrar que a recíproca é verdadeira também! ;P

Observações: O ímpeto inicial desse post advém da leitura de textos sobre "Intelligence vs. Effort" e outros que também são interessantes, que concernem o assunto do "growth mind-set".
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