Potencial de vida

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Sunset Dreamer
O quanto temos para viver? O quanto temos para realizar? Quantos momentos e experiências de vida por vir? Infinitos. Devemos fazer cada instante valer o potencial disso.

Gosto dessa reflexão quando lembro das Weeping Angels, de Doctor Who:
Fascinating race,
the weeping angels.

The only psychopaths
in the universe to kill you nicely.

No mess, no fuss,
they just zap you into the past
and let you live to death.

The rest of your life used up and
blown away in the blink of an eye.

You die in the past, and in the
present they consume the energy
of all the days you might have had,
all your stolen moments.
They're creatures of the abstract.
They live off potential energy.

Crocker Angel