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Quantas mil coisas gostaria de ter tempo para escrever aqui no blog! Mas uma menção à finale de Doctor Who não pode faltar, até porque, já estamos no contexto especial dos 50 anos de Doctor Who!

River: - Doctor, please listen to me
at least hear me.

How are you even doing that?
I'm not really here.

Doctor: - You are always here, to me.
And I always listen
and I can always see you.

River: - Then why didn't you speak to me?

Doctor: - I thought it would hurt too much.

River: - I believe I could have coped!

Doctor: - No. I thought it would hurt ME.
And I was right.

Doctor: - Since nobody else in this room can
see you, God knows how that looked.

There is a time to live
and a time to sleep.

You are an echo, River.
Like Clara.
Like all of us, in the end.

My fault, I know,
but you should've faded by now.

River: - It's hard to leave
when you haven't said goodbye.

Doctor: - Then tell me, because
I don't know - how do I say it?

River: - There's only one way
I would accept.

If you ever loved me...
..say it like you're going
to come back.

Doctor: - Well, then...
See you around,
Professor River Song.

River: - Till the next time, Doctor.

Doctor: - Don't wait up.

River: - Oh, there's one more thing.

Doctor: - Isn't there always?


River: - Spoilers!
Goodbye, sweetie.