Is freedom of speech necessary in a free society?

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Freedom of speech is the utmost aspect of democracy in every country nowadays. It suffices to say that without freedom of speech, there is no free society – it would be a dictatorship or another censored and controlled regime that does not allow their citizens to exercise a fundamental right.

In this sense, freedom of speech is essential to build a better society, the greatest objective of a free political model. The reasons that support this argument are the importance of diversity and the value of a constructive debate towards achieving new parameters among citizens. Hence, freedom of speech promotes a channel to maintain the “organization” of a system, where people can present contrasting ideas or sustain the actual position in order to participate in a democratic sphere.

Nevertheless, freedom of speech is a complex aspect in free societies – especially in those in which democracy is in process of consolidation. People do not know how to exercise their rights as citizens and freedom of speech encapsulates these difficulties. Firstly, it can be manipulated by governments. Secondly, it is still limited – not everyone feels comfortable to express their opinions as citizens or know that they have this possibility, as seen in countries in development. Thirdly, freedom of speech does not consist of saying everything you want – on the contrary, it is the act to demonstrate consistent arguments under the rule of law and democracy without being censored by the state.

In conclusion, freedom of speech is not a plain aspect in a free society. It must be understood by its citizens and it should be well applied in the political debates – that comprehends every circumstance in life in a community. Therefore, freedom of speech needs to be developed further in free societies, in the limelight of new contemporary events such as protests and manifestations of citizens where they are discovering its power and impact. Freedom of speech bears the potential to transform the reality known and for this reason is a precious democratic tool that needs to be cherished and nurtured by everyone.