About me

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It is very difficult to analyse ourselves, but it is a challenge that everybody should try at least once, because it makes us think about our actions. Becoming aware of them, we can learn, transform and improve ourselves.

As matter of fact, it is very important to value what is good and unique about us - that's why I'm trying to observe what I like about me. It is, although, very hard to look into our essence, as it is so deep and complex. And full of negative aspects too.

Actually, I couldn't say what people love about me, but I know that sometimes I do like myself ;)

  1. I am full of joy, dreams and passions. I have provision to do what I want, and also, I am active and lively. I'm determined to pursue my goals and fulfill my dreams;
  2. I'm happy, I smile a lot – I like my grin – and I laugh every time;
  3. I'm positive and optimist. I'm hopeful. I believe. And even if a negative situation happens to me, I'll learn with the experience. I get good lessons and I know how to deal with difficult times, and is when I see that I'm strong enough;
  4. I do my best in everything that I can do, at least I try. I'm really proud of everything that I have accomplished;
  5. I'm not the most beautiful, nor the most intelligent, but I try to be a little bit of everything, in balance. I'm happy with who I am without changes. Sometimes I even like how I look. I like my hair. And I already mentioned my smile. ;)
  6. I'm communicative and expressive. Furthermore, I know how to use the words and I can persuade. In addiction, I have great mind. I'm mature. I like my conceptions and I see the world with good perspective;
  7. I'm responsible and committed with my duties. I'm hard working. I'm useful. Also I have little talents, or better, abilities that are not a gift, is due to my efforts and commitment to do what I want and what I love;
  8. I'm attentive, I'm concerned about the world and about the people around me. I have a good spirit and a good heart, I'm kind;
  9. I'm honest, loyal, friendly;
  10. I love. Just do. I have love in my heart, to the simple things ‘til the big world.